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If Italian dishes with Nordic roots sound like something for you, Gorm’s offers cozy and familiar surroundings and you can sink your teeth into food of this caliber at our eateries in the inner city.

We serve you our innovative dishes with a smile and presence, so you can try flavor combinations you’ve never dreamed of. You’ll find both a restaurant at Nyhavn with a view of the canals, but you can also get deeper into the streets of Copenhagen at Magstræde, in our Private Dining room.

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Gorm's places to eat in the city center

Private Dining - space for intimacy and memorable moments

At both restaurants in the city center, Magstræde and Nyhavn, you can experience our social menu in the perfect setting. Our Private Dining concept allows you and your guests to have an intimate dining experience where you can have an undisturbed dinner or event.

All you need to do is decide which menu you want and we’ll take care of the rest. We can customize the event exactly according to your needs and wishes. We take it at your pace, as we value a great experience with room for all conversations, types and sizes.

Of course, both restaurants in the city center also have room for you for dinner, so you can try our tasty Italian, Nordic dishes and menus before deciding which one you want for your event.

Book your table with us

We hope you’ve been inspired and want to stop by our restaurant for a crispy and tasty pizza or antipasti.

Book your table now and we’ll make sure you have the best evening in a beautiful and atmospheric venue. We look forward to seeing you. And it’s not something we just say.

You may also want to take a look at our

Private Dining

if you want a private room in an undisturbed setting.

Authentic and rustic atmosphere at our eateries in the city center

Not only do we focus on the best ingredients, we have also put a lot of energy into creating the perfect setting for your dining experience at our restaurants in the city center.

You can expect a cozy, spacious atmosphere with room for laughter, good stories and families as well as couples.

For us, informality and presence are important to create the right atmosphere. Whether you’re into pizza, tasty starters or soft desserts, there’s room for you. Our restaurants provide a lively atmosphere with a focus on good wine and the highest quality food.

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