Italian restaurant with a Nordic twist - Pizza and more at Gorm's in Roskilde

On the cozy Skomagergade no. 40 in the heart of Roskilde is our innovative Italian restaurant, which serves thin and thin pizza based on both Italian and Nordic cuisine.

We are an eatery with pizza, pasta and delicious Italian antipasti that cherishes good ingredients and taste. Gorm’s offers you and your party an unpretentious dining experience based on Italian flavors and ingredients in a cozy setting.

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Gorm's Roskilde - Italian food pleasure

With our great love for Italian food, we have developed an eatery in Roskilde with Italian dishes that we have put our own stamp on, including both pizza and pasta, made from the best ingredients.

Our popular pizzas are developed with a passion for delicacy and taste, and we’ve selected the best ingredients for the purpose. The pizzas are made on a thin base of sourdough, which makes it crunchy and delicate.

We have developed an Italian pizza for every taste. What they all have in common is that you will experience quality beyond the ordinary; an interplay between our thin, crispy bases, a spicy and tasty tomato sauce topped with the best selected ingredients.

Much more than pizza

Gorm’s Roskilde is an eatery that serves much more than pizza. With our great love for Italian food, we have put together the most delicious menus with an eye for taste and good ingredients.

You can try our antipasti, snacks and sides or choose from our many main courses. By putting together a menu of both antipasti and pizza, you get to taste more of the great Italian flavors. What they all have in common is that they are made with a great love for Italian food and delicate ingredients.

At Gorm’s in Roskilde, you can try our popular and extra crispy polenta fries, which are made from corn flour and served with truffle mayo and “Karlsø Kaprin” cheese from Them Andelsmejeri. Polenta fries are also recommended as a great side dish for your pizza.

An eatery in Roskilde based on Italian and Nordic cuisine

We’ve developed an eatery for the whole family that aims to cater to the social aspect of eating with the people you love. This can be over a tasty bowl of pasta or a crispy pizza made with fresh ingredients.

At Gorm’s in Roskilde, you and your party will be greeted with big smiles and hospitality, and we will do our best to make sure you have the best experience when you visit our restaurant. In addition, we have developed an eatery that is suitable for both children and adults. On our menu you can also find Italian pizza suitable for children. Our friends from Agrainproducts supplies the flour for our delicious wholemeal pizza.

To help you enjoy the experience, we have decorated the restaurant in the best Italian style with an authentic and unpretentious atmosphere. We want to create presence around you and your company. In our restaurant in Roskilde, there’s always room for laughing out loud around the table over a pizza.

We want you to have the best experience when you visit our restaurant in Roskilde. That’s why you can always call us if you have any questions or needs related to your visit; whether it’s flags on the table, a high chair or a desire to sit somewhere quiet.

Book your table with us

We hope you’ve been inspired and want to stop by our restaurant for a crispy and tasty pizza or antipasti.

Book your table now and we’ll make sure you have the best evening in a beautiful and atmospheric venue. We look forward to seeing you. And it’s not something we just say.

You may also want to take a look at our

Private Dining

if you want a private room in an undisturbed setting.

Explore our authentic wine menu

In our restaurant in Roskilde you will find our extensive wine menu. We have selected hand-picked and authentic wines from small artisan producers that are carefully matched to our Italian dishes, pizza and snacks.

Italy holds a special place in our hearts, and of course, it’s also where we get much of our inspiration for the wine menu. Although our love for Italian is great, you can of course also find exceptional wines from other European countries, and we are ready to guide you if you have any doubts.

We also offer take away in Roskilde.

An eatery with a focus on presence

When you and your party visit our restaurant Gorm’s in Roskilde, you will be greeted by a hospitable and cozy atmosphere. We’ve created an Italian eatery that aims to promote the importance of good conversation over dinner, and with us, you don’t have to hold back the laughter.

Bring your party and visit our authentic restaurant, where we cherish an unpretentious and cozy atmosphere where there is always room for laughter and high spirits.

We look forward to welcoming you at restaurant Gorm’s in Roskilde.

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