Pizza Fisketorvet - Pizza bar with Italian-inspired pizza and desserts

If you’re in Copenhagen and you’re feeling hungry, we offer a delicious, crispy pizza packed with lots of flavor that you’re sure to enjoy. We’ll love your visit to Gorm’s pizza bar at Fisketorvet.

At Gorm’s, we have a great love for Italian food, which is why we’ve developed some pizzas that exude Italian with fresh, delicious ingredients. We’ve given them an extra twist of Nordic cuisine. In this way, our pizza bar at Fisketorvet manages to offer a delicate selection of Italian temptations with our own original Nordic twist.

Our pizza is made on thin sourdough bases, which makes the crust extra crispy. The pizzas feature a perfect interplay between the crispy, crunchy crust and our spicy, slow-cooked tomato sauce topped with your favorite toppings made from the best fresh ingredients.

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Italian specialties with a Nordic twist

At Gorm’s at Fisketorvet, we cherish good quality and good taste, which is why you can get a tasty pizza in our pizza bar with delicacies such as buffalo mozzarella from Campania, Danish parmesan from Them cooperative dairy and slow-braised beef from Grambogård.

If you’re on the go and need to satisfy your hunger, Gorm’s pizza bar at Fisketorvet has the solution for you. We offer a pizza flap that is perfect for grab and go. It’s half a sourdough pizza with crispy salad that you can easily eat on the go.

But if you have time to sit and enjoy your meal in the pizza bar, you’re always welcome. Not only do we offer a varied selection of pizza, but also other Italian temptations such as the well-known dessert classic tiramisu.

Whether you stay in our pizza bar at Fisketorvet or take a pizza slice on the go, you can add either a water, soda, Mikkeller beer or a glass of wine to your menu. That way you can enjoy your pizza combined with your favorite beverage.

Swing by Gorm’s pizza bar at Fisketorvet and be tempted by our delicious selection of Italian food with a Nordic twist. Experience the cozy atmosphere and the smell of freshly baked pizza. The friendly staff look forward to welcoming you with open arms and serving you a delicious meal.

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