Pizza Horsens - A reinterpretation of Italian specialties with a Nordic twist at Gorm's

If you are looking for an authentic taste experience at a restaurant in Horsens, where Italian cuisine meets Danish, then you should stop by Gorm’s, where we serve pizza, antipasti and much more in a cozy and relaxed environment.

On the corner of Hestedamsgade, in the old hardware store, our welcoming restaurant in Horsens is located. From the two floors of our cozy and unpretentious restaurant, we offer meals that combine Italian and Danish food in the best style.

Be seduced by our personal interpretation of the Italian pizza made on a crispy base of cold-raised organic sourdough, taste your way through our many delicious antipasti, and explore our extensive wine list, mainly featuring Italian bottles.

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Try a different Italian restaurant in Horsens for the whole family

We make a virtue of creating a dining experience where good food, an unpretentious atmosphere and, not least, good service come together. That’s why you will always be welcomed by our friendly staff, who are ready with pleasant anecdotes and great knowledge of both the menu and wine list.

It can be hard to miss our restaurant when you visit Horsens. On our Italian-Nordic menu, we have something for every taste that is sure to satisfy both the big and small mouths in the family.

On the menu you will find Gorm’s well-known pizza – which we have put our own personal touch on. We are curious and constantly experimenting with new ingredients on our pizzas to give you or the kids a different, but crispy and delicious pizza experience.

Much more than just pizza

It’s no secret that we’re very happy and proud of our thin and crispy pizza craftsmanship, inspired by Italian culinary traditions. But the boot-shaped country and its cuisine has also inspired many of our other dishes.

That’s why the menu is packed with everything from surprising starters and tasty snacks to main courses with pasta and meat. All with a pinch of good Nordic traditions, local greens and meat from our skilled suppliers in the neighborhood.

All our dishes share a love of Italian food and high quality. Our ingredients are carefully selected to create delicate flavors, whether you choose a pizza, pasta or meat.

At Gorm’s in Horsens, you can try our popular and extra crispy polenta fries. The unique fries are made from corn flour and served with truffle mayo and “Karlsø Kaprin” cheese from Them Andelsmejeri. Polenta fries are also recommended as a great side dish for our pizza and other main courses.

A restaurant that can also accommodate large and small parties

In the old hardware store in the heart of Horsens, we welcome large and small parties inside. Our restaurant in Horsens is the largest under Gorm’s auspices and can accommodate up to 150 seated guests – inside alone.

This also means that whether you want to host an intimate dinner for two, or you’re planning a large company party, wedding, birthday or confirmation, we have the setting. Whatever your event, we will of course make sure to give you and your guests the full Gorm’s experience, where food, good mood and drinks are paramount.

When you and your party visit our eatery in Horsens, you will be welcomed in an authentic restaurant. To help keep the good vibes going, we’ve designed our restaurant with a focus on an unpretentious and cozy atmosphere. Create presence around you and your company at Gorm’s in Horsens, where there is always room for laughter while you enjoy your dinner.

We want you to have the best experience when you visit our restaurant in Horsens. That’s why we will always accommodate any requests when you and your party visit our restaurant for a pizza or other Italian favorite. You are always welcome to call us if you have any questions about your visit.

Restaurant Horsens

Create your own menu

At Gorm’s in Horsens, you are free to create your own menu, where you can choose from our many starters, main courses and desserts.

If you want to explore our many dishes, pizza or not, we’ve put together a great deal for you and your party. At Gorm’s you can choose between our menus consisting of either 2 courses for 265,- or 3 courses for 325,-.

Lunch with a Nordic and Italian twist at Gorm's in Horsens

In our cozy restaurant on Hestedamsgade, you and your company can enjoy a delicious lunch every weekend. We are open from 11:30 on Saturdays and Sundays, where you can enjoy a cozy Italian environment. We provide lunch for all tastes, where you can choose between pizza, pasta and meat.

Stop by our restaurant in Horsens, where we are always ready to welcome you and your company with open arms. Most of the time we have space without a reservation, but you are always welcome to
book table

Explore our extensive wine menu

When you visit Gorm’s in Horsens, you will find our prestige wine menu. We have selected hand-picked wines from small artisan producers that are carefully matched and paired with our menu, which is based on Italian traditions and Nordic cuisine.

Explore our extensive wine menu, featuring mainly Italian wines. While our love for Italian is strong, you can of course also find exceptional wines from other European countries to suit all tastes.

If wine is not your thing, we also serve delicious drinks, bubbles and beer to suit all tastes.

Are you passing Aarhus? Then we also have a restaurant here for you to visit.

Visit our restaurant in Horsens

Whether you visit our restaurant in Horsens or drop by one of our other restaurants or pizza bars across the country, you can expect Italian culinary delights.

We make an effort every day and look forward to welcoming you to our cozy restaurant in Horsens for a crispy pizza with mask flour from Agrainproducts, well-made charcuterie and maybe a glass of Friday bubbles or two.

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