Pizza in Køge - How Gorm's sees the best pizza dough

On the square in Køge and its surroundings, there are plenty of cozy restaurants and areas where you can enjoy a thin and crispy Italian pizza – homemade or take away. Here you’ll find our take on the best pizza – the way we love it.

Inspiration for the best pizza - Gorm's

At Gorm’s, we believe that the best pizza is made with love and quality. We ourselves appreciate a pizza made with the most delicious sourdough and topped with high-quality ingredients. Based on the Italian favorite, we add our own Nordic twist to create extraordinary flavor combinations.

We recommend challenging your taste buds with a fresh, innovative and lively combination of combinations in your pizza.

Pizza in Køge - how to find the best pizza in town

When you want a delicious, crispy pizza, either as a take away or at a cozy restaurant with a lively atmosphere, there are great opportunities for a fantastic dining experience in Køge, if you don’t stop by the nearest Gorm’s in Roskilde or Copenhagen.

In Køge you’ll find pizza served in many different ways, but if you’re looking for a really delicate Roman pizza that’s made with a homemade recipe for crispy and airy dough, we understand – it’s also the best pizza we know.

We believe there’s nothing better than a tasty sourdough pizza with a lightly spiced tomato sauce and fresh, organic ingredients.

However, Køge still offers a wealth of cozy restaurants and eateries where socializing can be cultivated in interaction with the taste of Italian temptations based on quality Nordic ingredients – just like we love at Gorm’s.

If you’re not so much into Italian finesse and thin, homemade pizza bases, there is also a wide selection of restaurants in Køge that offer pizza from a traditional oven, which are more bombastic with a lot of toppings and thicker bases, including deep pan, where the pizza contains a thicker dough.

Near the city’s train station, there are several eateries offering a filling meal with pizza that will surely tempt you for dinner, lunch with friends or a Friday night takeaway.

Agrainproducts provides the maximum flour for our pizzas, so you get that delicious crispy crust.

Enjoy the cozy city life in Køge

You can take your stone oven pizza, perhaps homemade, and sit down in one of the city’s beautiful areas. In the city of Køge, you’ll find green spaces and outdoor areas that exude coziness. For example, you can enjoy your pizza in Lovparken, which is centrally located in the city.

Køge Torv is also an atmospheric square where you can experience the life and soul of the city up close. Here you are guaranteed a great experience where you can enjoy the Italian food you bring with you. In addition, the harbor area of the city is very nice and you can quickly get down to the water and take a walk along the beach and admire the newly built recreational area.

You can therefore safely enjoy a homemade Italian stone oven pizza with your own Nordic twist, inspired by Gorm’s approach, in the beautiful surroundings of Køge. On this page you can also find our
recipe for our pizza dough

There’s a lot more to Italian food if you’d rather have a creamy pasta dish, a risotto or smaller dishes like snacks and sides based on Italian ingredients.

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We hope you’ve been inspired and want to stop by our restaurant for a crispy and tasty pizza or antipasti.

Book your table now and we’ll make sure you have the best evening in a beautiful and atmospheric venue. We look forward to seeing you. And it’s not something we just say.

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Enjoy your meal in a social setting

Many people associate a delicious dinner with cozy and socializing with family and friends. It is therefore also important that every need can be met when dining out. Therefore, the Italian dish can easily accommodate a variety of allergies and dietary requirements.

For example, a stone oven pizza can be baked with gluten-free dough and the cheese can be chosen as either lactose-free or vegan. This makes this Italian meal both easy and convenient for most people, as the dish can be customized to suit any needs.

Køge is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a cozy Italian-inspired restaurant in beautiful surroundings offering delicious food based on Nordic ingredients. At the same time, you’ll experience a charming city as you move around the city’s neighborhoods that offer older buildings, nature experiences and proximity.

It’s also worth mentioning Gorm’s as one of the best Italian restaurants with a Nordic touch, located in several locations in Zealand and Jutland. So if you’re from Køge and would like a dining experience outside the city, you could visit Gorm’s in either Roskilde or several locations in Copenhagen.

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