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We’ve found the formula to give you and your party the crispest and coolest evening. We have called our formula the RABALDERmenu.

The Rabalder menu is all about giving you and yours a fantastic evening where you can look forward to endless servings of Danish sourdough pizzas with ultra-crispy crusts and flavorful ingredients, garlic bread, wine, beer and soft drinks to create the crispiest pizza party in Roskilde that you definitely don’t want to miss.

The discount menu works for many things, but the best is when you gather your loved ones together on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night to explore our selection of delicious pizzas and indulge your taste buds with everything from Denny Special, Miss Wishbone, Margherita Bufala to Sweet Truffle, Hottie, Cotto Deluxe and Ventricina Salami, all of which to make your taste buds do somersaults.

With our Discount Menu you can expect every Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

  • Ultra crispy and delicious pizzas
  • Fantastic atmosphere
  • Our delicious garlic bread that melts in your mouth
  • Cool drinks to wash down the delights
  • The indescribable feeling of spending time with loved ones

The “small stuff”

You get it all ad libitum for 1 hour and 45 minutes for 375,- per person and can be ordered from 17:00. It’s almost a no brainer.

Book a table here and join us every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a pizza party you’ll only find here.

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Ready to book a table?

Ready to book a table?

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