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Gorm’s is home of the original thin crust pizza made from 48 hours raised Danish sourdough.

Here in our pizza bars in CPH Airport you’ll find perhaps the thinnest and crispiest pizza in Denmark; namely the original Gorm’s style that has spearheaded the pizza-revolution in Denmark from the moment when Gorm’s opened its first restaurant “Magstræde 16” in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter back in 2008.

The main ingredients – the base, the special “spicy” tomato sauce and the fresh mozzarella – are all 100% organic and produced locally in Denmark.
You shouldn’t expect greasy Napolean style pizzas. Instead, expect delicate and digestible pizzas that will do you good when you sit on the flight on your way to your travel destination!

Products of the highest quality and a sound and “light sensation” when you have eaten, are some of the core DNA-markers in our original pizza style.

We hope you’ll enjoy our thin crust pizza – and your flight!

Service information:
We always do our utmost to deliver great food and service and we take pride in happy guests.

If your experience does not live up to your expectations, please address this by directly contacting our franchise operator SSP. You’ll find contact info on this site.

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