Jobs at GORMs

a large family of food lovers

We are looking for you who value passion, service and quality highly

At GORMs, we take pride in delivering exceptional dining experiences to all our guests, both in our restaurants and at our pizza bars.

We always make an effort. We expect you to do the same.

We are a large family of food lovers who are passionate about quality, service and development, and we are bound together by a strong team spirit.

We’re proud of GORMs, and if you’re one of us, we’re proud of you.

Send an application today or stop by one of our wonderful restaurants or pizza bars and contact the restaurant manager.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Experienced leader or a budding leader in the making?

Then we’re definitely looking for you.

Age doesn’t matter. Just that you value people and love for the profession, gastronomy and the community.

Send an email to right away to learn more

Fill out the form below. Then we will contact you

Want to be part of the GORM Family?

Are you passionate about personal service, quality and unpretentious gastronomy?

Do you want to help create fantastic experiences for our guests?

Then now – right now – we have room for you in the GORMs family. We are looking for more smiling service enthusiasts for our GORMs restaurants, where you will be part of a strong and dedicated team.

Women laughing

Community and responsibility

At GORMs, we value community, well-being and decent working conditions. We offer a workplace where there is a focus on the guest experience at the same time as a professional and personal development.

We are looking for team players with enthusiasm, the ability to take responsibility and the desire to further develop competencies within the service and restaurant industry.

At GORMs, we always keep the guest in mind while working at a fast pace with a smile on our faces. We promise you will get sweat on your forehead and skilled smiling colleagues. You have experience from the restaurant industry and a love for quality and high service.

The most important thing, however, is that you have legs in your nose, are smiling and have good energy.

Restaurants, pizza bars, festivals, etc.

At GORMs, we are passionate about creating an informal and unpretentious dining experience with attentive service and delicious food made from good ingredients, whether you meet us in one of our restaurants, in one of our pizza bars, at a festival or at an event.

In our restaurants, in addition to our original pizzas, we serve an inviting selection of antipasti, homemade pasta and a rustic main course made with lots of flavor and love.

If this sounds like something for you, hurry up and send your CV and a short application via the contact form – we conduct interviews on an ongoing basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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