Parties & groups at Gorm's

Easy and simple for you as an organizer

The menu for companies and groups - without compromising on quantity and quality

….pssst…. so also quite obvious for the Christmas party

We have made it as easy for you as an organizer as possible

Gorm’s offers everything for your party, whether you are organising a business dinner, Christmas party, birthday, confirmation or wedding.

You name it.

We can reserve for private parties in all our Gorm’s restaurants, and if there are many of you, we can also reserve the entire restaurant.

Our focus has been on creating a menu where no one goes hungry from the table and where everyone can join.

And then of course a menu where there is also something other than crispy delicious pizzas.

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The dinner or the party with the company

The vast majority of our restaurants are surrounded by large companies and we love the informal meetings in the restaurant. Hold your company event and party in Gorm’s.

In Ørestad, for example, the restaurant is built in 3 levels, and thus ideal for the small as well as the large parties and meetings . We have space for lectures , presentations – and not least the party for your company.

If you think the company party can use a loving hand, and you just want to enjoy the evening with your staff – then we’ll probably make sure to have a blast of an evening.

We are ready all year round for the summer party, the Christmas lunch and the Easter lunch – and / or when you think that your staff should be pampered a little extra with a fun and wonderful evening!

Our versatile kitchen delights, and so do our staff!

We, at Gorm’s, enjoy and prioritize our social staff events ourselves, so we know how to create the best setting for your company’s next party!

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Dinner with friends - without dishes

Hold your private party at Gorm’s. When it comes to group dining, large parties , events, round birthdays – you name it, Gorm’s is ready to fulfill your wishes for your event .

Whether you are arranging a wedding , want a quiet and tasty meal with colleagues , or just want the facilities for this year’s big round birthday , Gorm’s delivers your desired perfect dining experience.

If you just find out what occasion you think Gorm’s should be hosting – then we’re ready with a smile on your face, and freshly ironed aprons!

Our flexible framework allows us to find the best solution for you; whether you are for the outdoor bar, big screen , meeting facilities – our big smiling staff is used to handling large groups and (private) events of all sizes. Our restaurants are versatile, and are located close to public transportation.

In addition, all of Gorm’s restaurants have good hotels next door!

We love to be social – so if you bring your favorite guests, we provide one sublime restaurant experience! You can focus fully on your guests without having to check the oven every now and then – we’ll take care of that, and we promise you and your party an extremely delicious dinner menu.

Private parties, groups, events and everything in between

To put it mildly – we love private parties and events of all kinds and sizes in Gorm’s.

There is simply nothing better than helping to give our many guests an experience they will soon forget – and perhaps be the start of a good tradition?

You choose which event you want, and we will ensure a good atmosphere and good mood !

We are available all evening, and are ready to give you a sublime restaurant experience and of course a festive evening!

Feel free to contact us to hear much more. We are more than ready to help you with the company party , the private party and everything else in between.

We are ready to take good care of your guests in Nyhavn, Magstræde, Aarhus and Copenhagen.