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We provide experiences that we ourselves want to experience.
The kitchen is our playground, where our curiosity really lives.

We love exploring new ingredients, food trends and ways of thinking – as long as taste is key.
And then we love to look our guests in the eye because we are proud of our product!

At our pizza parlours it’s all about; yes pizzas. Our well-known thin and crispy pizzas which are a real treat.

Please note that it is not possible to book a table in our pizza bars

"Our hearts beat to create an interesting, alternative family of restaurants with the same sustainable DNA - and with a personal, individual touch.
We want to be the place where our guests feel the Nordic-Italian narrative in a holistic experience.

We combine the Italian, uncompromising integrity of taste and craftsmanship with the Danish approach to holistic experience, cosiness and hospitality, which with a curious and playful approach to taste combinations pushes the boundaries of classic Italian cuisine.

We are nerds and love to experiment with taste. We show profit and enthusiasm because we are proud of what we do.

We love making new collaborations with the best, most passionate, nerdy and twisted personalities who can contribute to a topicality and challenge our thinking. You can read much more about just that here .

We are looking forward to meeting you. "

Gorm Wisweh
Gorm Wisweh


We have put a lot of effort into our restaurants; both the decor, the staff, the good atmosphere and of course our elaborate menu.

In general, we put a lot of effort into our restaurants so that we can give our guests the ultimate dining experience as we enjoy seeing you come again and again.

Our menu consists only of food that we ourselves love and that we can vouch for ourselves. We provide experiences that we ourselves want to experience.
Pizza is our playground, where our curiosity really lives on.

We love exploring new ingredients, food trends and mindsets – as long as good taste is the key word.

And then we love to look our guests in the eye because we are proud of our product!

Warm atmosphere

In our restaurants you get unpretentious gastronomy in a warm atmosphere.

Our staff, both the waiters and pizzaiolo, work at high pressure to give you a top-class restaurant experience!

We highly recommend that you try “Social Dining”; a menu of small dishes and pizza to share at the table. Casual & social – everyone likes it!

You can get your teeth into this wonderful menu in all our restaurants (Nyhavn, Aarhus, Ørestad & Magstræde).

Too nice for wine?

Certainly not! In fact, we have carefully selected and prepared a wine list for our wine lovers, consisting of hand-picked, authentic wines from small craft producers.

Many with an ecological or biodynamic profile.

The country of boots has a special place in our hearts. This is where we get inspiration for our cuisine, and therefore it is only natural that it is also from there that we get most of our wines.

That being said, good wine is of course not limited to Italy – therefore you will also find a few other European wines on our wine list. Wines that we believe have deserved a place in “the fine company”.

No matter which company you arrive at, we look forward to welcoming you to our restaurants – whether it’s date night, family dinner, round birthday or something completely different.

Local pizza with history 
& dedication

Common to all our restaurants is that we care about the local community. That’s why our skilled chefs have prepared a local pizza for each location:

Aarhus dedicates their pizza “City of Smiles” to the city’s own characteristic. There is always a good atmosphere in Aarhus city and it must of course be celebrated!
It consists of mozzarella, Jerusalem artichoke puree, air-dried ham made from free-range black-speckled pigs from Troldgaarden by Odder, Jerusalem artichokes turned in gremolata and rounded off with browned butter & hazelnut.

In Magstræde , they have remembered to pay tribute to their roots. This was the first pizza Gorm developed with his friend, Casper Braid. That is why the pizza “Casper Braid Special” is of course dedicated to him. It is a pizza that has been on the map since its opening in 2008, so it has a very special place in our hearts.
The pizza is made of tomato, mozzarella, cream stewed spinach, spicy “Ventricina” salami & gorgonzola.

It is always important to pay tribute and cheer on his colleagues. Our restaurant in Nyhavn does this with their local pizza “Asahi Bianco”. It was developed by Gorm Wisweh and Ishii Shintaro, who was our pizza master in our restaurant in Japan.
This pizza, which is several of our guests’ favorite pizzas, consists of mascarpone, mozzarella, parmesan, eggs, parma ham, arugula, rosemary & truffle oil.

In Ørestad  pay tribute to the concept ‘less is more’ with their “Arendse Special”. A simple but really delicious pizza – only with the very best ingredients. Love for pizza in its purest form.
The pizza consists of tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, mascarpone & fresh beef tomatoes.

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