Turn off the oven at home – and stop by Gorm’s

– Charcuterie from Troldgaarden, delicious cheeses, handmade burrata, delicious pasta dishes, chicken from Hopballe, wonderful Italian wines and many many other delicacies



We are a family of diverse eateries, where we combine the Italian classic flavors and craft traditions with our own playful approach to ingredients and brand new flavor combinations.


Thin, light and delicate base of cold-raised organic sourdough from 2008 – perfect in interaction with our other dishes.

Gorm's Restaurants & Pizza Bars

In our restaurants you get unpretentious gastronomy in a warm atmosphere.
We recommend that you try the menu “Social Dining” for DKK 375 or our 3-course meal for DKK 325.

One thing you just have to try is our Charcuterie and Cheese .
The best from our own pantry,
charcuterie from phenomenal
Troldgaarden and selected cheeses from Them
Cooperative dairy.
It's all eco-friendly craftsmanship.
Served with a little jam, a little sour and
sourdough bread.

Ourpizza bars is a gastronomic experience - also on the go.
Try our sourdough pizza with a thin base, crunchy crust and the best ingredients. Or how about a pizza clapper that is easy to take in hand and immensely tasty.

Food Trucks & events

Should you have a party and want delicious food, or are you looking for a fun solution for night food, where the quality is top notch, then we can deliver the item with our Food Trucks.

Our Food Trucks are super flexible and mobile. It likes to come to your holiday home in Sweden or North Jutland, and also likes to take a more permanent place on the harbor quay, food market or other.

The food for confirmation, christenings, weddings and much more. It is only the imagination that sets the limits with our Food Trucks.

In addition to delicious ingredients, our Food Trucks are filled with a few knowledgeable and extremely passionate employees with their hearts in the right place.

Take Away pizza ....

..... antipasti, delicious desserts, a couple of wonderful salads and a few other delicacies, have certainly also found our take away menu.

Delicious take away in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Take Away pizza and all the other goodies from our restaurants and pizza bars.

Catering & Private Dining

Gorm's offers everything for your company, whether you are arranging a business dinner, birthday, confirmation or wedding. You name it.

We can reserve for private parties in all our Gorm's restaurants, and if there are many of you, we can also reserve the entire restaurant.

And of course we are also very happy to visit your home with the setup that suits you best. This can be the case, for example, with our mobile pizza ovens. We call it: Catering according to your wishes.

For the slightly more intimate events, where you want to keep a little to yourself, we can, among other things. in Gorm's Magstræde and Gorm's Nyhavn offer an exclusive experience in our Private Dining Rooms with room for max. 12 people.

Just tell us what you need and we'll come up with a quote.

Gorm's & Friends

Gorm's was founded back in 2008 by six gastronomic firefighters.
The dream was to create a place that the six boys themselves would love to hang out in. A place with unpretentious high quality food and lots of good wine. And with Gorm as a pizza miracle maker, self-taught after many working hours as a pizzaiolo in his mother's café in Svaneke, pizza quickly became a natural cornerstone.

At Gorm's, we place a high value on craftsmanship, good ingredients and passion. That is why we collaborate with partners such as Grambogård, Troldgaarden, Mikkeller øl, Distinto Vin, Strangas and others. .

Pizza & Italian food

At Gorm’s we like to gather around food! With roots in Italian cuisine that most people associate with love and quality, we pay homage to Italian food with authenticity in focus.

In Gorm’s, we have combined Italian food with Nordic cuisine, and among other things created a love story; our pizza. If you want a meal that never goes out of style, we recommend our wonderful pizza with a smile!

There is a pizza for every taste – and for every age. Common to them all is the quality experience; the interplay between the thin Roman base with crunchy crust and the best ingredients from our own Danish backyard.

Something for the whole family

Being able to embrace exciting and not least challenging flavor combinations and varieties, as well as serve authentic Italian dishes to every taste, is something we enjoy right into our food hearts.

At Gorm’s we are one big family of food lovers and we enjoy serving the same joy to you. If there is anything that gives great joy, then it is good Italian food, a good company in beautiful surroundings at a reasonable price.

One of the core values of Gorm’s is that we are for everyone. That is why we offer everything from small, share-friendly Italian dishes to those who enjoy sharing and pizza to the pizza-loving and wonderful drinks to those who are just thirsty for quality.

Craft that says save two

Gorm Wisweh’s crafts; Organic sourdough base, which is cold-raised for 48 hours, is one of the things that makes our pizza original.

You always have the option of choosing our original base or wholemeal base with Agrain mask flour and putting your ‘own’ touch on your pizza.

If you want to put your teeth into a pizza that is gluten-free, we are also happy to take care of it – however, it is baked in a gluten-containing environment.

Whether you are an Italian meatlover and choose a Miss Wishbone with 16 months of ripened Parma ham, or you want a vegetarian pizza and choose a Sweet Truffle, we look forward to serving you your favorite pizza!

That’s what we mean by pizza laws. And we are proud of that!

But Gorm’s is much more than crispy pizza.

In our Nordic-Italian cuisine, we claim the right to twist and interpret, to create a fantastic dining experience with high ceilings for you!

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