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Pizza school with GORMs

Let your employees bake thin crispy pizzas in Copenhagen K. all inclusive

Pizza school for your business?

With GORM’s amazing chefs on the loose, we can guarantee it won’t be a dull evening as you learn to make pizza from scratch.

  • Two pizzas are made to taste the difference between red pizza (with tomato sauce) and white pizza (without tomato sauce).
  • Along the way, there will be an opportunity to ask any questions you and your colleagues may have.
  • Pizza school is an absolutely fantastic way to spend time together. With family, friends and colleagues. At home in your own kitchen. Or in one of our restaurants.
  • If it’s held at home, we’ll send out a box of dry goods, as well as a shopping list, guide and recipes to all participants. It couldn’t be easier.

In addition, we can of course easily provide cookbooks, dough rollers, pizza stones, etc. for the participants.

Guest reviews

What do our participants say about it?

Great success! Great flavors and a nice start to the weekend.
Super delicious pizzas - especially the potato with goat was delicious... And it won in the family in all age groups.

Mai-Britt & Maria
Previous participants

Very cozy... this online is also great on a Friday night during family fun time!
Thank you so much for a great event!

Dorrit & Rikke
Previous participants

Awesome! Tastes fantastic and super entertaining.
It's mega delicious! Thanks for a great pizza course!

Steen & Torben
Previous participants


Allow approximately 3 hours.
Typically from 17:00 - 20:00.


Aside from the obvious fact that your employees will learn how to make an amazing pizza from scratch, you'll also have significantly happier employees. And a wonderfully unique event that's easy for you as an organizer and can really bring families and colleagues together.


If you host it at home/digitally, we'll send a box of dry goods and whatever else we agree on in advance to each participant. You might want a gift card to GORMs, a cookbook for the perfect sauce, a pizza wheel or something else entirely.


Online, you should expect to pay around 300-550 DKK per participant/participating family.
We don't calculate the price based on the number of individuals, but on participating families/couples of friends etc.
The more people in the kitchens, the better. It certainly shouldn't cost extra.

If it's held in one of our restaurants, you can expect to pay DKK 800-1400, which of course includes beer, wine, water, cocktails, snacks, antipasti etc.
Please note that the price depends on the number of participants, as we close the restaurant exclusively for you.


No two pizza schools are the same, and we strive to keep it that way. It makes it much more fun for us.

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Strengthen your team and create memorable corporate events with GORM's Pizza School in Nyhavn

Are you looking for an exciting and fun activity for your next corporate event? GORM’s Pizza School is the perfect choice! Our pizza school combines team building, corporate event, pizza school, baking and cooking school in one all-inclusive package. And as an added bonus, we offer free beer and wine during the activity.

Through our interactive and hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the secrets to making our famous thin, crispy pizzas. Our experienced pizza chefs will guide you step-by-step through the process, from kneading the dough to choosing fresh toppings and perfect baking time. You’ll discover techniques and tricks that will improve your pizza-making skills and challenge you to be creative in the kitchen.

GORM’s Pizza School is not only a fun and educational activity, but also a great way to strengthen collaboration and team spirit in your group. By working together to create delicious pizzas, you’ll build trust and communication skills and learn to value each other’s contributions.

Our pizza school is fully customizable for groups of all sizes, and we offer tailored courses and workshops to suit your needs. Whether you want to host your event at our cozy location in Nyhavn or a venue of your choice, we are ready to accommodate you.

We strive to give you a complete experience, which is why our pizza school includes everything you need – from ingredients and equipment to cooking instructions and eating your freshly made pizzas. And of course, our free beer and wine will add an extra festive touch to your corporate event.

So why wait?

Plan your next corporate event with GORM’s Pizza School and experience an exciting and entertaining day filled with learning, collaboration and delicious flavors. Contact us today to book your pizza school workshop and let us create an unforgettable event for you and your team!

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