Private Dining in Copenhagen

Do you want an undisturbed venue in one of the most beautiful locations in the city?
we’d love to add a frame! 

A more personal event?

Welcome to Private Dining at GORMs!
Private Dining is for those who want an authentic, calm and intimate atmosphere – and who want a dining experience like no other.

New Harbor
Private Dining can take place in Nyhavn’s rustic and beautiful rooms with the option of your own waiter. It seats 12 people and is of course centrally located in Copenhagen. What’s not to like?

Magstræde 18
Magstræde not only houses cozy premises, but also holds a special place in our hearts. It was the very first Gorm’s restaurant we opened – and not just in Copenhagen, but all over the country .

The event concept here is: 1 party, 1 waiter & 1 menu.
– And of course, we promise 1 complete evening!

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Private Dining 
in Nyhavn

Room for 12 people
Centrally located in Copenhagen

Rustic and beautiful rooms

Opportunity for own servant

Private Dining 
in Magstræde

An absolutely amazing little gem
Room for 12 people
1 company
1 servant
1 menu

What is Private Dining?

Private Dining in Copenhagen can consist of several concepts. We make every effort to customize the menu and number of servings according to your wishes to suit your company.

Social Dining
Social Dining is one of our concepts offered in all our restaurants in Copenhagen and our gem in Aarhus.

This concept offers Gorm’s favorite dishesthat served for sharing around the table. The whole table should be part of the concept, making the dinner a social and cozy event.

Social Dining includes two courses, with an antipasti board served in the first course and then one pizza of your choice per person in the second course. The menu can be accessed at the following


to our restaurant in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

Magstræde 18
In our restaurant at Magstræde 18 in Copenhagen, you and your party (between 8-12 people) can spend a lovely evening with us. You have a table all evening and a waiter available throughout the dinner.

Our recipe for a great evening: 1 party, 1 waiter &

The menu can be chosen in advance, so you can enjoy your dinner to the fullest and get a cozy party going where pampering is paramount. This allows everyone to sit back and be present in the conversations while delicious food and drinks are served for you.

GORM's ultra-crispy sourdough pizza

If you visit one of GORM’s restaurants, for example in Copenhagen, we recommend that you try our famous thin and crispy pizzas.

Our original pizza bases are made with cold-raised sourdough and therefore have a delicious crispness. Our friends from Agrainproducts lWe use worm flour for our pizzas. This gives the pizzas the ultra-delicious crispness that you know and love from GORMs.

Our pizzas are topped with lightly spiced tomato sauce, organic, Italian-inspired ingredients and prepared with a Nordic twist.

So you get a unique taste experience every time you visit us in either Copenhagen or Jutland.

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