For delivery Thursday to Sunday




For delivery Thursday to Sunday – or make a self-pickup

We’ve done the groundwork for your catering. Based on good ingredients, we have created a delicious antipasti that you can easily serve at home or at work.

The theme of our menu is rooted in our restaurants and our no-nonsense approach to quality and taste.

Serve it as a buffet or arrange it as a plated menu (instructions to follow).

If you don’t have a kitchen in your office, we can prepare it for you from one of our food trucks. Contact us on 70 88 92 81 or write to


GORMs Antipasti

Sprøde salte mandler.

Rugbrøds chips med rygeostcrème og balsamico glace.

Charcuteri og ost.

3 forskellige italiensk charuteri fra eget spisekammer og to faste oste fra lokalt andelsmejeri samt frisk mozzarella fra Øllingegaard.

Serveres sammen med balcamico syltede perleløg, grillede artiskok, semidry cherrytomater, store grønne oliven, hjemmelavet surdejsbrød, romesco og basilikums pesto.

Minimum 10 kuverter

GORMs Antipasti+

Som i GORMs Antipasti - plus:

Frisk Kartoffelsalat med syltede små kartofler med grønne ærter, grønne asparges, radiser og græsk yoghurt. Toppet med syltede sennepsfrø og ærteskud

Spidskålssalat med agurk og æble vendt med persille/hvidløgs purre. Toppet med bagte cherrytomater og syltede rødløg

Minimum 10 kuverter

*Salaten kan også fås som kold kødsalat. Ønskes dette, vælges det ved checkout somm tilvalg


Contact your pickup location before 17:00. Find contact details here

Unfortunately, we cannot create special menus. But feel free to check the allergen list to see if you can still eat it, with a few additions of your own.

A minimum of 10 place settings must be ordered.

Download the full list of delivery prices. For delivery elsewhere in the country, please contact us at

Download PDF with allergens here. If you have further questions about allergens, please contact us on 70 88 92 81 or

Please send an inquiry to for opportunities and availability.

It will be delivered with your order or you can download it here.

You can pick up at the following locations:

GORMs Tivoli Foodhall

GORMs Fisketorvet

GORMs Ørestad (v/Fields)

GORMs Catering in Herlev.

You can edit or cancel an order up until 23:59 on the Sunday before your delivery. You can change your order via your personal account, which can be accessed on the front page at the top under “My Account”. Login information will be sent with your order.

You must order by Sunday 23:59 for pickup or delivery in the coming week Thursday – Sunday




Experience GORM’s enchanting Antipasti catering – a symphony of flavors and experiences, tailor-made for you!

GORMs has a wide range of services, and we no longer just offer you a Christmas party. Now we proudly present our Antipasti catering, a culinary journey created to indulge your senses and create unforgettable moments.

Whether it’s intimate personal events or grand events, we’re here to meet your needs. We customize our gastronomic works of art to any environment and mood you want to create.

Our selection is a symphony of choice. Choose from our sublime buffet where guests can explore a world of flavors, or opt for personalized platters that present each meal as a work of art on a plate. We only require that you order a minimum of 5 place settings, whether it’s a buffet or personal dishes. This means that our service is available even for the smallest companies with just five people.

Imagine indulging your taste buds with a fusion of Nordic essences and the heartwarming authenticity of Italian flavors. A captivating meeting of cultures that’s designed to delight with every bite.

From a myriad of delicacies, ranging from the treasures of the sea to luxurious game, to the gentle caress of panna cotta, our Italian signature dessert – the experiences are manifold. And let’s not forget the little details: Top it off with a selection of delicate cheeses, juicy olives and the irresistible tomato/chili jam before dessert. This way you can satisfy even the most discerning palates.

With GORM’s Antipasti catering, you free yourself from the burden of cooking and instead focus on what really matters – the closeness, the beautiful atmosphere and the precious social interaction. We’ve carefully created our menu to suit every taste and preference because we know that diversity is the spice of life.

But wait, there’s more! Our unique food truck concept offers an exclusive way to enjoy your Christmas catering. Surprise your guests with an unexpected and charming experience where food is served directly from our flavorful food truck. Gather around the trolley, enjoy the delicious scents and let the conversation flow freely.

Whether you want the informal street food experience or a more traditional table service from the food truck, the options are open and the choice is yours.

So don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team who are ready to answer your questions and help you shape the perfect Antipasti catering experience. We look forward to creating magical moments with you.

Marielundvej 34A, 2730 Herlev | +45 60141099 |

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