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My kitchen has one foot in Italy and the other in Denmark. In the simplicity of the Italian dishes, combined with seasonal Nordic ingredients, my gastronomic freedom unfolds, a freedom that we in this country pride ourselves on.

The charm of simple Italian cuisine appeals to me in the same way as certain elements of New Nordic cuisine. However, I think it all gets a bit out of hand when there’s too much foam, ash, hay, bloat, smoke and dirt.

It can work really well as an element of surprise and as a communicator of flavors and experiences. But at the end of the day, it’s all about tasting things as they are, which in a way is also fundamental to traditional Nordic cuisine.

Cooking should be met with a bit of reverse Jante Law. It’s okay to be proud of what you do and believe that you can cook. And above all, don’t be afraid to break new ground. Not just because, but because that’s how new things happen. It’s always been that way – even for me. Food should be approached open-mindedly and playfully, but also thoughtfully and with a sense of rightful tradition.

It’s okay to borrow, be inspired and try to emulate what thousands of others have done before you, but also personalize dishes by combining and adding new flavors. However, traditions are important and good: The coolest thing in the world is being able to make the perfect steak et frites, which in all its simplicity only succeeds when you know the techniques that give the strictly classic result, but also open up endless possibilities to play with and develop the dish in a personalized way.

The purpose is to inspire, give tips and tricks based on some of my favorite dishes. My way of cooking is not necessarily the “right” way. Many of the recipes are without weights and measures, and that’s no coincidence. How much salt, sugar, chili or lemon juice to add is a matter of taste. I can only encourage you to taste while you cook.

I hope that with this book I can help expand your gastronomic toolbox and make your play in the kitchen freer, easier and more fun.

Take the plunge and cook with an open mind!

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