At Gorm's, we pride ourselves on cooking with the best ingredients we can get our hands on. We have transferred this ideology to our catering business.

Gorm's Catering & Events is always evolving and serves as Gorm's gastronomic playground.

Whether the party is a wedding, confirmation, birthday, reception or something else, our chefs create the menu according to your wishes.

If you want it easy, we've put the most popular menus right here on the site, so you can order catering easily and simply.

Feel free to contact us for a non-binding menu proposal. We really want to help.

Scroll down to see the 6 favorite choices among our many highly valued guests.

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Catering for any occasion

We have put together a series of menus that are perfect for life’s big and small events. We love visiting our guests in their homes – in fact  as much as we love having guests visit one of our restaurants.

You can order catering from us in Copenhagen and in the city of Aarhus.

We would love to help make your event a little more manageable. Take care of the practical so you can have full focus on your guests.

 By ordering catering from Gorm’s, you’re guaranteed delicious food at an affordable price – and a very transparent one at that. The price is what you see. No surcharge or similar for your catering. 

We are always ready to help – no matter what event you need food for. With our 40 foot container down to the small romantic Morsø ovens, we actually believe that we can cover most needs.

Below you can see the 4  most popular catering menus. However, that doesn’t mean we stop there, so if you have any questions or special requirements, you are more than welcome to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

Catering with focus on passion, quality & love

In Gorm’s we offer everything for your company, whether you are organising business dinner, birthday, confirmation, wedding or something completely different.

We can reserve for private parties in all our Gorm’s restaurants, and if there are many of you, we can also reserve the entire restaurant.

And of course we are also very happy to visit your home with the setup that suits you best. It can be, for example, with our mobile pizza ovens, simple setup with DIY pizza kits, classic catering or with our 40 foot container for the big event or company event – you may know our big yellow “pizza monster” from Roskilde Festival.

For the slightly more intimate events, where you want to keep a little to yourself, we can, among other things. in Gorm’s Magstræde and Gorm’s Nyhavn offer an exclusive experience in our Private Dining Rooms with room for max. 12 people.

Common to all solutions is that we place passion, quality and love for food higher than anything else. And the desire for your event to be a success.

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It was a great pleasure to take you to the confirmation and ensure that the food went as it should.

We have received a lot of praise from the guests both for the food they thought was right and for your way of being. So thank you very much

And then you were just super pleasant and accommodating and we were very grateful for your help.

And last but not least, the thank you for the gift. It was much appreciated and we look forward to visiting you now that you have visited us.
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We were provided with the most beautiful anti-pasti for our party.

The guests loved the food - and so did we. The service was top notch and we can definitely recommend others to get the food for Gorms


The pizzas for your own oven - the same high quality

Organic Take Me Home Pizzas

Mark & Rita - tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil and cherry tomatoes

Piggy - tomato, fresh basil, North Sea cheese, potato, panchetta and mozzarella

Salami - tomato, mozzarella, masvarpone and salami

Veggie - omat, mozzarella, ricotta, squash, aubergine, spinach and almonds


Salad with chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and allspice
Salad with 3 kinds of tomatoes. Add mozzarella and olives

The sinful

Absolutely classic Tiramisu with mascarpone cream, brandy, amaretto, espresso & chocolate


When to make pizzas from scratch

Our popular pizza kit

2 x organic cold-raised sourdough balls (pizza-bottomed)
Organic slowcooked tomato sauce
2 x fresh mozzarella balls
Semola flour for rolling out

Events, companies, festivals, etc.?

We also offer the following for larger events

Pizza flaps



At Gorm's, we love wine - almost as much as we love food.
Our wines are hand-picked, authentic wines from small craft producers, many with an organic or biodynamic profile.

The boot country has a very special place in our hearts.
This is where we get inspiration for our kitchen, and it is therefore only natural that it is also from there that we get most of our wines.

We are therefore very happy to help you with wine for your catering


Pick up your own catering or have it delivered to your door from DKK 350.


From DKK 125 per guest