Gluten-free pizza - Tasty, homemade crispy pizza dough

In our opinion, you shouldn’t miss out on a great pizza experience because you have a gluten allergy. For this simple reason, we have made sure that gluten-free pizza is available in all our restaurants and pizza bars.

Our Italian-inspired gluten-free pizza is made with the same carefully selected and delicious ingredients as our other pizzas, so you can sink your teeth into a crispy and delicious pizza with peace of mind, even if you have a gluten allergy.

Our biggest wish is to spread our immense love for the Italian favorite to as many people as possible – including those with gluten allergies, which is why Gorm’s is (still) the place to go if you’re craving a gluten-free pizza.

We pay attention to the nuances of flavor and the ingredients are right in the crossroads with flavorful cherry tomatoes, fresh organic mozzarella, spicy Italian “Ventricina” chili pepper sausage, 16 months aged Parma ham and many other delicious things.

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Good to know about our gluten-free pizza and pizza dough

Our gluten-free pizza crust is pre-baked and naturally gluten-free. This pizza dough is made with flours such as rice flour, millet flour and flaxseed flour, which makes us an ideal place to sink our teeth into a flavorful and gluten-free version – with a crispy character.

Our gluten-free pizza is handled in a gluten-containing environment and baked in the same oven as our other gluten-containing pizzas. Therefore, there will be a small chance of cross-contamination, but we do our best to minimize the risk by handling these types of pizza bases responsibly.

A pizza base to create your own

In addition, a gluten-free crispy pizza crust like ours can also be purchased separately in our restaurants and pizza bars, allowing you to be the “pizza maestro” in your own home, where personal favorite toppings can be added as desired. And we all know that a good pizza crust is the secret to a successful pizza.

You can always inquire about this in our restaurants or pizza shops, where we are always ready to help you further.

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We spread pizza love in
, Horsens, Roskilde and Aarhus. Book a table today and discover our range of gluten-free pizzas that lean heavily on the same principles that our iconic thin, crispy pizza is made on. Read how Mydinners reviews Gorm’s as one of the best pizza places in Copenhagen.

The only difference is our pizza base and pizza dough, which we have replaced with a gluten-free pizza base. If we have to say it ourselves (and we have to), we think the result has turned out really well. We hope you’ll stop by and try our pizza.

We look forward to seeing you and will be happy to give you a great gluten-free pizza experience that you will rarely forget.

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